How to Make Money Online by Selling Domains: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Make Money Online by Selling Domains: A Comprehensive Guide how to make money by selling domains How to make money by selling domains online


In many countries people buy and sell or rent property. In the case of property the process is relatively simple – find a suitable property, present an offer and close the deal. With buying and selling sites online, however, it is much more complicated. Most sites have certain rules that you must follow or risk losing your deposit. This can be a problem for people who don’t know much about the topic and who don’t have the time to read all the various forums, review, etc. This is where this guide comes in handy. This guide is going to walk you through all the steps that you need to follow in order to start and maintain a profitable website for selling or renting domains. First of all, you must create a custom domain and sign up for a premium account.

What is a domain and why should you buy one?

What is a domain and why should you buy one? Why do you need to buy a domain from DAT? Why do you need to buy a domain from DAT? Are you looking for a few SEO services for your website?

The Domain Market

With the huge increase in demand, the market for buying and selling online has never been stronger. After its breakout year in 2008, the value of online real estate has soared, with many properties over trebling in value. I can remember watching a documentary about online business owners and all the debt they were in – when it first came out it was remarkable but now it’s the norm. With over 1,700,000 new domain names being registered every day, you’re likely to find your own domain at a knock down price, or pay far more for it than it’s worth. Now as a matter of fact, the reverse is also true. The more domain names you own the more buyers there are, so now’s the time to cash in.

How to Make Money Selling Domains

Domain selling is a potential huge revenue generator for you if you have the right knowledge about it. The problem is that there is a limited and hard to get pool of buyers and buyers seem to think that they can save a little money by buying from cheaper suppliers like a domain. So what can you do to gain clients when selling a domain? You need to market your domain well and showcase your value. Here are some tips that might help you in doing that: Research Domain Sold Price on While trying to decide whether you should sell your domain or not, it is important to research the price of a domain sold at In general, sells domains for the lower end of the market.

What are the risks of domain investment?

eCommerce with selling domain name. You get your domains for cheap to start online business with and sell high or monetize profit, domain investment is easy and secure you can get it from domain Some of the risks of selling domain Choosing a registrar: ICANN has some strict rules for registrars so it is important to choose one that you find will protect your investment by stopping ICANN from terminating your domain and reclaiming it. All registrars require a year investment to open an account and then you have to renew it, some registrars are very strict like Registrars List, you can get a free domain but you cannot register domain without their registration authority. Properties registration is a lot slower than an online store, consider your investment.


How to make money online by selling domain Online selling of domains has become a very hot topic now-a-days. From famous bloggers and business owners to small businessmen and professionals. There are thousands of websites where individuals and businesses can sell domains that have either expired or which are in the middle of the buying cycle. Why sell domain when you can buy one for less than $10 bucks. The domain marketplace continues to grow and matures. The size of the industry is growing fast. And there are lots of people who are into this business or doing it online. To learn more about selling domain please check this article.

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